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Nascar Racing 2/1999
Lee USA Mike Paiva leeusa.zip Usable in N3 as well; 3dfx and software only
Waterford Speedbowl Mike Paiva waterford.zip Usable in N3 as well; 3dfx and software only

Nascar Racing 3
Airborne Mike Paiva airborne.zip Upstate NY track
Atlanta (Oval) Dale Kirkpatrick 94atlant.zip Needs N2 atlanta.dat
Beech Ridge Mike Paiva beechridge.zip 3dfx and software only
Bristol (Day) (1992) Dale Kirkpatrick 92brist.zip Needs N2 bristol.dat, optimized for 3dfx
Bristol (Night) (1992) Dale Kirkpatrick 92nbrist.zip Needs N2 nbristol.dat, optimized for 3dfx
Chemung Mike Paiva chemung.zip D3D Patch here
Cottonmouth BUMPDRAFTER cotton.zip ADDED 2/26/12
Dodge City Ryan Hamm dodge.zip ADDED 2/26/12
Dover (1994) Dale Kirkpatrick 94dover.zip Needs N2 dover.dat, optimized for 3dfx
Holland Mike Paiva holland.zip D3D Patch here
Lee USA Mike Paiva n3leeusa.zip D3D, 3dfx, software
Louisville (Day) Dale Kirkpatrick n99louis.zip Needs N99 louville.dat and N3 truck louville folder
Madison Gregg Rauscher madison.zip Works in N2, N1999 as well
North Wilkesboro (NL conversion + graphic modernization) Dale Kirkpatrick wilkes.zip Needs N2 wilkes.dat and NL wilkes folder
Oxford Plains Mike Paiva oxfordplains.zip 3dfx and software only
Pocono (Modifieds) Mike Paiva pocomods.zip Special "modified" Pocono edition
Portland (.5 mile oval) Dale Kirkpatrick portoval.zip Needs N99 portland.dat
Race City Mike Paiva racecity.zip CASCAR track
Richmond (Day) Dale Kirkpatrick richmond.zip Converts N3 Richmond to day
Riverhead Mike Paiva riverhead.zip 3dfx and software only
Riverside Park Mike Paiva riversidepark.zip 3dfx and software only
Sears Point (old configuation) Dale Kirkpatrick 98sears.zip Needs N2 searspt.dat
Seekonk Mike Paiva seekonk.zip 3dfx and software only
Stafford Mike Paiva stafford.zip 3dfx and software only
Star Mike Paiva star.zip 3dfx and software only
Thunder Road Mike Paiva thunderroad.zip 3dfx and software only
Trenton Mike Paiva trenton.zip 3dfx and software only
Waterford Speedbowl Mike Paiva waterfrd.zip D3D, 3dfx, software

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